Musicals. Mindfulness. Coloring.  Just download, print and color.

Fearless Squad Illustrations:

A couple of years ago, Mandy Gonzalez posted a picture of her with a couple of friends and thanking them for being her “Fearless Squad” - which then grew into a beautiful movement encouraging people to find or create their own Fearless Squad.  The Squad rules were super simple and universal - We dream big. We embrace differences. We look for the good. And, We help each other when we fall.  

We were so inspired her call to action that we created some #FearlessSquad illustrations.  We shared them with her and asked for her permission to share them with people for free as a mindfulness tool and a way to focus on Fearlessness as a mindset.  

With the world going through this unprecedented event that is filled with uncertainty and chaos, we wanted to share these illustrations again.  I can’t think of a better expression of guiding principles for what we’re going through right now. Your Fearless Squad is more important now than ever - and - You are ALL a part of the world’s FEARLESS SQUAD.

So, with that being said, here’s our first Musicals & Mindfulness Coloring Activity.  


  • Just download, print and follow the included activity prompts.
  • May we suggest printing on thick paper (cardstock if you’ve got it), using Sharpie markers (our favorites), and listening to the Hamilton cast album while you color.

I firmly believe that #CreativityIsTheCure and that constraints (like the ones that we are faced with now) breed creativity.  Whether you use markers, colored pencils, gel pens, or a combination of all of them, I’m excited to see what each of you create. Use the hashtags #CreativityIsTheCure and #ColoringBroadway and tag @ColoringBroadway so we can share your creative genius with the world.