Coloring Poster.  Just download, print and color.

For each Musical Mindfulness Activity we release, we create a series of questions to ponder while you color.  We do this because coloring can be used as a tool for self-reflection. The act of coloring uses 3 parts of your brain, the logical, the creative and the kinesthetic.  In doing this, it also creates a physiological (body) response of calming.  It also takes the attention of our conscious brains - the ones constantly planning and thinking about ALL the things ALL the time.  And, as a result, it opens up space for us to think and process. 

Theater is also a pathway to self-reflection, a space to think and process..  It has been the writers, the poets, the actors and actresses that have told stories so that we can see through different perspectives.  And, although you can never truly live in someone else’s shoes, in that darkened theatre, your attention focused on the story unfolding, you can have a small glimpse into what the lived experience of another could be like.  

Coloring Broadway exists because combining these two powerful forces for self-reflection and self-awareness creates a beautiful opportunity for growth and creativity. 


  • Just download, print and follow the included activity prompts.
  • May we suggest printing on thick paper (cardstock if you’ve got it), using Sharpie markers (our favorites), and listening to the Hamilton cast album while you color.

I firmly believe that #CreativityIsTheCure and that constraints (like the ones that we are faced with now) breed creativity.  Whether you use markers, colored pencils, gel pens, or a combination of all of them, I’m excited to see what each of you create. Use the hashtags #CreativityIsTheCure and #ColoringBroadway and tag @ColoringBroadway so we can share your creative genius with the world.